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Freepik has become a go-to resource for graphic designers, illustrators, and creatives worldwide, offering a vast library of high-quality graphic elements, templates, and stock photos. However, accessing its premium features often comes with a price tag. That’s where Freepik Premium Account Cookies come into play, offering users a workaround to access premium content without paying. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Freepik Premium Account Cookies, exploring how they work, their benefits and drawbacks, and how to use them responsibly.

Introduction to Freepik Premium Account Cookies

What are Freepik Premium Account Cookies?

Freepik Premium Account Cookies are small pieces of data that store login information, allowing users to access premium features without a subscription. These cookies essentially trick the Freepik website into recognizing the user as a premium subscriber, granting access to exclusive content.

Company NameFreepik
HeadquartersMálaga, Spain
FoundersAlejandro Blanes, Pablo Blanes, Joaquín Cuenca
IndustryGraphic resources and design
ProductsImages, illustrations, vectors, icons, templates
ServicesGraphic resources for personal and commercial use
UsersGraphic designers, marketers, content creators
MembershipExclusive features expanded resources
PremiumExclusive features, expanded resources
SubsidiariesFlaticon, Piktab, Slidesgo, and Tutpad

Importance of Freepik Premium Account Cookies

For many users, accessing premium features on Freepik can significantly enhance their design projects without breaking the bank. Freepik Premium Account Cookies provide a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses looking to leverage premium content without the commitment of a subscription.

How to Get Freepik Premium Account Cookies

Understanding the concept of cookies

Cookies work by storing information about a user’s browsing session, including login credentials and site preferences. Freepik Premium Account Cookies can be obtained through various methods, including browser extensions, online forums, or through shared accounts.

Legal implications and ethical considerations

It’s essential to understand the legal and ethical implications of using Freepik Premium Account Cookies. While they may offer temporary access to premium content, using cookies without permission from Freepik or other websites may violate terms of service and copyright laws.

Benefits of Using Freepik Premium Account Cookies

Access to premium features

One of the primary benefits of using Freepik Premium Account Cookies is gaining access to premium features such as ad-free browsing, unlimited downloads, and exclusive content reserved for premium subscribers.


Compared to purchasing a premium subscription, using cookies to access Freepik’s premium content can be a more cost-effective option for occasional users or those on a tight budget.

Convenience and flexibility

Freepik Premium Account Cookies offer users the flexibility to access premium content without the commitment of a long-term subscription. This convenience makes it easier for users to access the content they need when they need it.

Risks and Drawbacks of Using Freepik Premium Account Cookies

Security concerns

Using shared cookies or browser extensions to access premium content can pose security risks, as it involves sharing login credentials with third parties, potentially compromising personal information.

Violation of terms of service

By using Freepik Premium Account Cookies, users may be violating the website’s terms of service, leading to account suspension or legal consequences.

Limited support and updates

Unlike legitimate premium subscribers, users relying on cookies may not receive regular updates or customer support, limiting their overall experience with the platform.

Alternatives to Freepik Premium Account Cookies

Purchasing a premium subscription

For users who require consistent access to premium content and desire full support and updates, purchasing a legitimate premium subscription may be the best option.

Exploring free alternatives

There are several free alternatives to Freepik that offer high-quality graphic resources and stock photos, providing users with options beyond using cookies to access premium content.

Using alternative stock image platforms

Users can explore alternative stock image platforms that offer competitive pricing and subscription models, providing access to premium content without relying on cookies.

Tips for Using Freepik Premium Account Cookies Responsibly

Regularly updating cookies

To minimize security risks, users should regularly update their Freepik Premium Account Cookies or use reputable browser extensions that prioritize user privacy and security.

Avoiding sharing cookies publicly

Sharing cookies publicly or with unauthorized users can increase the likelihood of account suspension or legal consequences, so it’s essential to keep login credentials private.

Respecting Freepik’s terms and conditions

Users should familiarize themselves with Freepik’s terms and conditions and adhere to them when using the platform, whether through cookies or legitimate subscriptions.

How to Use Freepik Free Cookies with

Step 1: Open the Extension

  • Open your web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox).
  • Go to your browser’s Extension store (e.g., Chrome Web Store, Firefox Add-ons).
  • Search for a Cookie Editor extension.
  • Click the “Add to Chrome” or “Add to Firefox” button to install the extension.
  • Once the extension is Installed, its symbol will appear in your browser’s toolbar (often in the top-right corner).
  • Pin it and launch the editor; click the Cookie Editor extension icon.

Step 3: View Premium Cookies

  • A list of cookies for the current website will be visible in the Cookie Editor window.
  • Each cookie’s name, value, domain, expiration date, and other information can be viewed.

Step 4: Delete Cookies

  • A cookie can be deleted by selecting it from the list and then looking for an “All Delete” or trash can icon.
  • The specified cookie will be deleted when you click on it.

Step 5: Add New Cookies

  • Look for an option like the “Import Cookie” button in the Cookie Editor window to add a new cookie.
  • Paste the copied Premium cookies from and click on the import button after pasting the cookie.

Step 6: Test the Changes

  • To test the modifications you made to the cookies, refresh the page or go to another page on the same website.
  • Check to see if the altered cookies are operating as planned.

FreePik premium account cookies (updated every hour)

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Note: Cookies are only for Educational purposes and also for testing purposes. If you think it should not be here, contact us.


Freepik Premium Account Cookies offer users a temporary workaround to access premium content without a subscription. While they provide benefits such as cost-effectiveness and convenience, they also come with risks and ethical considerations. It’s crucial for users to weigh the pros and cons carefully and use cookies responsibly, respecting the platform’s terms and conditions.


Q1. What is a Freepik Premium Account Cookie?

A1. A Freepik Premium Account Cookie is a small piece of data stored on your device that contains login credentials or authentication information for accessing a premium account on Freepik.

Q2. How do Freepik Premium Account Cookies work?

A2. Freepik Premium Account Cookies work by storing encrypted login information, such as username and password, allowing users to bypass the login process and access premium features on the Freepik platform without manually entering their credentials each time.

Q3. Are Freepik Premium Account Cookies safe to use?

A3. Freepik Premium Account Cookies can pose security risks as they store sensitive login information. It’s essential to ensure that the source of the cookies is trustworthy and reputable to minimize the risk of data theft or unauthorized access to your account.

Q4. Can I generate my own Freepik Premium Account Cookies?

A4. It is not recommended to generate your own Freepik Premium Account Cookies as it may involve accessing or tampering with the platform’s authentication system, which violates the terms of service and can result in account suspension or legal consequences.

Q5. How can I obtain Freepik Premium Account Cookies?

A5. Freepik Premium Account Cookies are typically obtained through third-party sources or online communities. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the source before using any cookies to avoid security risks and potential account issues.

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